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DTrace Division by Zero

For some background check John Regehr’s excellent post on the history of problems caused by dividing INT_MIN by -1. DTrace is an interpreter that runs inside the kernel on both Illumos and OSX. Before it was patched in Illumos it was possible to create an expression to divide INT_MIN by -1 and this would cause the kernel to crash.

sudo dtrace -n 'BEGIN{v = 0x8000000000000000LL; print((long)v/-1)}'
sudo dtrace -n 'BEGIN{v = 0x8000000000000000LL; print((long)v%-1)}'

This is still an issue in OSX. I emailed them a month ago along with links to other DTrace issues that have been fixed in Illumos and not OSX and haven’t heard back. Since this is not really a security issue I’m posting it here. You need root in order to trigger the DTrace division by zero and if you have root you can already reboot the machine :/. You also need root to trigger all of the other issues.