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VoltDB Command Logging Quirks

Since the last post on fsync and non-durable reads we have had a play around with VoltDB too see if our speculation with how synchronous command logging works would be consistent with it’s performance.

The first thing we noticed is that read-only transactions wait for the log interval even if there are no previous write transactions waiting for their command log to be synced to disk. You can observe this by setting log frequency to 5000ms (the maximum) and using synchronous logging. Then if you run an ad-hoc select statement from sqlcmd you will notice that it sometimes takes the full 5 seconds to return a result. It is important to note read-only transaction will not wait for a disc sync if there is only read only transactions in the command log buffer. But even without the sync some read only transactions will be unecessarily be delayed because they wait for the command log to be flushed. I have a LD_PRELOAD module that would delay synchronization by 1 second and I never observed a read-only transaction taking more than 5 seconds to return a result. However, if there are write transactions in the buffer then the read-only transaction will wait for the command log to be synchronised (presumably the data from the read-only transaction isn’t actually written). This waiting for previous write transactions to sync to disk prevents the non-durable read problem discussed in the previous post.

It is kind of weird that VoltDB unecessarily stalls some read transactions but this is probably not a big deal with real workloads because frequency will be set to 1ms and most workloads are a mix of read and writes and writes will always cause the command log to be synchronised.

Here are some links from VoltDB that explain how command logging works and can be configured for optimal performance.